Blogger gone boo-boo

My last post was read by many and liked by few. Thanks for taking out the time to read it.

There was a very innocent error on my part in the post.
No, I am not writing to rectify what’s done but, to acknowledge it and poke some fun at it.
After I write what I write, I send it to the bestie for her opinion and another inseparable friend to see if I am keeping up with the changing times. I would like to call him Mister Cee for this post.

I had held Mister Cee in high regard because I thought he was well acquainted with the “glocal lingo”; up until now.
“You don’t know LitAF?” he would ask.
“I know YOLO”, I would snap.
“Ya… that’s old, fatty! Just like you!”, he would say.
My bloodshot eyes didn’t help much so, I mostly let these insults pass.
Coming back to the error my shrinking brain made in the previous post; I breezily wrote that the husband and I never “netflixed and chilled”.

A day later, an old friend on a group chat announced that a certain blogger had gone boo-boo. She also said no one would ever believe that we hadn’t netflixed and chilled!

The message came along with a screenshot. I couldn’t feel my legs for quite sometime when I saw it for myself. It was a revelation, and a shocking one.
I wrote to Mister Cee asking if he was getting too old for the world and why he wouldn’t tell me what it actually meant. I frantically wrote to the bestie asking if she had any clue about it; I got a reply from her brother (he had hacked into her phone), “You are old, didi! You are three years late with that news.” He also cared to elaborate further and said that it’s been dying to have the literal meaning (I was wondering if I could bring it back to just watching Netflix and chilling).
I did two things after I was enlightened; I edited my post and I threw myself into the world wide web to see what I was missing.

TIL (Today I Learnt) a few new words but the usage is still a little unclear:

Ross and Rachel were OTP (?) (No, not the one that your bank sends)

I was gripped by the FOMO (?)
I was struck by a bout of FOMO (?)
I am living in FOMO (?)
I also gathered that the antonym is JOMO (for those really secure people).

Sure, I am missing out on a lot but hopefully my writings are Lit AF (Still not correct?).

Also, does OG still mean Olive Green?



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