Motherhood is Rewarding

Do you know who wrote lullabies?

I know who didn’t.
Extremely exhausted mothers. They couldn’t have written such soothing beautiful words.

What they could have written is this:

That’s the fan you’re staring at

That’s the air con-di-tion-er

That’s the roo-oom heater….

Your mom is such an eater…!

One more time from the top!

I speak from personal experience. There is no way in hell i could sing “lalla lalla lori…doodh ki katori…” Nope.

Instead I have been singing:


I walk this earth again…

I’ll hunt you down 

And I will eat your flesh!


Everybody…!!! Teee-eeee-e-Rex!

Yes, those are my words. Yes, I sing these to my 8-month old. I have come a long way from not even attempting solitary singing to embarrassingly singing songs about a blood-thirsty carnivore in public. Of course, I throw in a Bachchan song from time to time.

So what I am rambling about today? Not really sure. All along i was sure that lullabies put your babies to sleep. They don’t. T-Rex gave me a death stare when I sang “Twinkle twinkle”, so i improvised and wrote my own. Ha!

I am not sure of anything anymore. T-Rex has recently been demoted to Tiger by the husband. Tiger, who is scared of pressure cooker whistles, tiger who loves to hear the story of Goldilocks again and again; Tiger who bounces his bum a little and sleeps some more at the sound of thunder. 

To be honest, he is a fairly decent kid who farts on my face and chews my hair and picks my nose while I lose a little patience each day and call the husband, who hasn’t been around for a zillion years, to tell him that living in enemy territory is a lot better than getting your eyes gouged out, inch by inch every single day. 

Ok, I am exhausted. Buh bye.

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  1. Pallavi Sengupta says:

    Lovely choice of words. I get you!!!


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