Looking back…

It’s absolutely mesmerizing to see people gearing up for the new year; people going to dances, people vacationing, people just being happy.

For most of the times, I’ve been home on new year’s eve, either watching the fireworks in various countries on a news channel, or watching immensely happy men and women screaming “Happy New Year” on television from all over the country, or listening to blaring music in the neighborhood, or deleting New-Year-New-Me messages from my phone.

I have never evaluated a year that has passed by; not consciously at least.

So this new year’s eve, as the parents road trip through the country, and I listen to a concoction of Daler Mehendi and Badshah and an absolutely disturbing regional language song, I decide to get to my blog.

It has been an intense year; one which changes your perspective, one which makes you more tolerant, one which you’ll tell stories about, one which you’ll nuture a lifetime.

Who do I have to thank for this?

The now smitten husband who thought it was absolutely alright to throw a novice into deep waters because that’s how it’s done.

Would I have had the year any other way?

Probably, but it wouldn’t have been worth my while.

What do I want the new year to bring?

A lot of love for our own.

It doesn’t hurt to be kind. It doesn’t hurt to be thankful.

And most importantly, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge those who’ve been on the watch, those who’ve let go of the little things that matter, those who have missed the little milestones of their loved, those who’ve slept in their boots, and those who’ve waited for them back home.



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